"As far as artisan gelato is concerned, relative newcomer Lush Gelato is one shop that actually delivers the goods, producing gelato that is unrivaled in terms of both the luxurious creaminess of its mouthfeel as well as the purity and intensity of its flavor."

"Lush Gelato store carries an always-changing lineup of 12 flavors from the multitude in Murtagh's recipe book. In-store flavors - made from organic ingredients whenever possible - include cardamom, dulce de leche, strawberry and lemon."


"If they've made a fresh batch, don't miss fascinating flavors showing local cheesemakers: Cowgirl Creamery fromage blanc or Bellwether Farms ricotta and lemon zest ice creams."

"The gelato at Lush is about as good as any you'll ever try. Taste, texture, a dash of whimsy if you like (or just plain vanilla, if not) — the whole nine yards. And the flavors — whether for something as ordinary as coffee or as odd as cilantro — really do ring true."

"This pedigree shines through in an impeccable lemon-mint, as well as California-friendly green tea, ginger, and cardamom."

“Lush! Oh, how I love thee… Let me count the ways! Their orange zest cardamom and ‘mint chip’ made with fresh mint. Scrumptious!”