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Sweet Tooth: Lush Gelato Opens on Polk Street

By Virginia Miller | November 12, 2014

Sweet Tooth talks new and under-the-radar sweet treats you need to know about:

Lush Gelato

One of our top 10 ice cream shops in the Bay Area, Lush Gelato, just opened its first San Francisco shop in October, following its two popular East Bay shops. The best part? The SF locale is where owner Federico Murtagh is making flavors for all three locations and you can watch through a window behind the counter. Murtagh makes ever-changing flavors (so don't expect the same ones each visit), utilizing organic ingredients from local farms listed on their site. The new shop serves 12 rotating flavors, currently including delights like banana salt caramel, stout and alfajor cookie or popcorn truffle. Their house waffle cones elevate the experience.

Must-Order: If they've made a fresh batch, don't miss fascinating flavors showcasing ocal cheesemakers like Bellwether Farms ricotta and lemon zest ice cream. Currently at the SF shop, we're in love with ultra-fresh, subtly hot honey jalapeno gelato and the creamy tart of creme fraiche and black pepper chocolate chunk gelato.

Details: The shop is open daily, 12-10PM Sunday through Thursday, 12 PM - 12 AM Friday and Saturday.

1817 Polk St.; 415-801-5979


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